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Our goal is to promote the well-being of humanity by establishing or assisting humanitarian institutions that bring together social and economic interests for the benefit of children. We aim to ensure proper shelter, food, clothing, and education while fostering peace and happiness in the community. We collaborate with schools and national/international organizations to promote inclusive education for all children.
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About US

What We Do

We provide comprehensive care, education, and support to orphaned children, ensuring they have a safe and nurturing environment to thrive in. Additionally, we focus on the long-term inclusion and rehabilitation of differently abled individuals, empowering them with education, skills, and resources for independent and fulfilling lives.

Our Goals

Empowering orphaned children for a brighter future. Providing love, care, and opportunities. Join us today to make a difference.
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Our Mission
To provide quality education with a focus on long term inclusion and rehabilitation for differently abled children.
Our Vision
To create value for every individual child by developing individualized programs through regular assessments and evaluations by top professionals.Satat wants long term rehabilitation for differently abled children and is working towards helping them lead a meaningful and dignified life.
Core Values
Acceptance, awareness and inclusion. Skill development and a right to education.


Goes To The Cause







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We aim to break down barriers, change perceptions, and create a world where differently abled children can live with dignity, achieve their aspirations, and contribute their unique talents to society.

We are dedicated to:
Quality Education
Long-Term Inclusion

About the founder

Satat Navotkarsh foundation was started by Sonali Saxena single parent of a special child who wanted to create awareness and acceptance about disabilities. She did campaigns for inclusion of these children in schools of Rajasthan and got success within months of the movement.
These children are often forgotten about or even shunned because of the stigma surrounding intellectual disabilities, however Satat Navotkarsh Foundation is educating the community of parents, caregivers and Organisations for sensitizing the environment for differently abled.

Why these kids need your help

Public and private school systems do not have the resources to provide special education programs, thus these children have almost no where to turn when looking for an education.
Often times these kids will be abused both physically and sexually, and because they are often non-verbal they have no way of warning people of this abuse.
There is so little awareness and resources for these children and their families, because of this parents will abandon their special needs children or even worse, let them die – a terrible thing still happening in rural communities of India even today.
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Our future plans

Satat navotkarsh Foundation advocates for the education of all intellectually disabled children, our NGO not only teaches children with autism, but also kids who have downs syndrome, cerebral palsy and aspergers.
We are currently running summer camps,doing free assessment camps,providing training for independent living and providing various therapies and regular sports training in our center.
Because we only work with a small group of children we are able to give them the special attention they need, with the proper amount of therapeutic support.
 We require support to meet with the expenditure of early intervention and sports academy.
Our future plans are to open a day care for providing them conducive environment and home away from home while their parents work.50 percent of parents of special children have to leave their jobs due to lack of support and they are compelled to survive on single income .
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Our dedicated trustees bring a wealth of expertise, passion, and vision to guide our organization towards achieving its mission.
Join Our Team
Ms Sonali Saxena
Rahul Kumar
Suman Chaubey
A.K Shah
Sadhana Saini
Ms Sonali Saxena (President)
She has completed a 2-year Diploma in Special Education from the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) and is dedicated to improving the lives of differently abled children. After completing an MBA and gaining experience in banking, media, and teaching, she embarked on a noble mission to create awareness about disabilities. Her focus is on providing accurate diagnosis and appropriate therapies to children with special needs. She also offers training and guidance to parents and caregivers, empowering them to support the children in the best possible manner. Her biggest strength is her son, who falls within the autism spectrum, and he has inspired her to bring out the best in every child.
Mr Rahul Kumar ( Secretary)
He is a retired Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer who served as the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (PCCF) in Rajasthan. Throughout his career, he played a pivotal role in the conservation and development of forests, as well as the management of National Parks and Sanctuaries. He possesses extensive experience in collaborating with self-help groups to enhance their income through forest-based activities. He remains actively engaged in forest and environmental awareness programs.
Suman Chaubey
Suman Chaubey is a passionate advocate for the development and education of underprivileged children. She completed her primary education in renowned schools in Nainital and Dehradun and pursued a post-graduation degree in Geography. Prior to her marriage, she worked as a teacher. Even after getting married, she remained dedicated to her mission of educating children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.
A.K Shah
Ashok Kumar Shah, M.Com, ACMA, is a finance professional who has held notable positions in the field. He worked as a Manager at the Rajasthan Finance Corporation and later took voluntary retirement to serve as the Managing Director of Fingrowth Co-operative Bank Limited in Jaipur.
Sadhana Saini
She is an educationist who has served as an Associate Professor of English in various government colleges of Rajasthan. After retirement, she settled in Jaipur and remains actively involved in various social activities.

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